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Dime Short
Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper.

Dime Short is a glimpse into the world of so many Americas we never hear about. Bob Greene, a once successful real estate agent in rural Colorado, finds himself at a crossroads in life. His marriage, home and business were lost in the great recession of 2008. One more major set back could force him to live like Pete, the homeless war hero who sleeps down by the railroad tracks. One bright spot for Bob is his standing breakfast date with Donna, a waitress at the local diner. He finally has the courage to ask Donna on a real date but just when Bob is feeling better about himself, his world comes crashing down for all to see. There are those who show humility and those who just don’t get it.


Run Time: 11 minutes

From the Director – Krista Gano

When I first read this script, I knew this short film had to be made and I wanted to be on a team that shared the same vision to make this film.  I wanted the world to spend this day with Bob and Donna.  Laura Carson (screenwriter/actress) and I have been friends and colleagues for many years and neither of us were in a place to tell this story the way we wanted. Over the years, it has stuck with me. In my head, I see these characters, this town, this diner, this moment.  I hear the sounds of the grill sizzling, the music playing, the milkshake blender blending, the tow truck and Bob's strained voice through the diner window.


In the spring of 2015, Rachel Fowler introduced me to Jon Diack, Jessica Anguiano, and Nate Bakke at Noggin Sauce Pictures.   I found producers with common goals, a tremendous work ethic, and a desire to partner with us to see this dream become reality. It became incredibly clear - we finally had the perfect team to bring this wonderful story to life.


So, it's fitting a story rooted in the desire and need for human connection could only come to fruition once the right people were in place. This story continues to teach me we must lean on one another. We are called to greatness in the small things we do for those around us. While it doesn't seem like it should, it does take a tremendous amount of bravery to look openly at another person and meet them where they are.


I, like our team, talk to others differently, help differently, and am more open to listen and seek understanding because of the film, Dime Short. It is a story worth sharing with the world and we can't do it without you.

Directed By Krista Gano Produced By Jon Diack Director of Photography Aaron Kopp Written By Laura Carson Edited By William Haugse ACE Music By Greg Upton Executive Producer Jon Diack Co-Producer Jessica Anguiano Krista Gano Assistant Director Aspen Rader Tim Brennen Laura Carson Michael McNulty Brittany Horn Beverly Sartain J.T. Richardson M.J. Mitchell McKinzie Fearing Dan Davidson Audrey Walters Bob Donna Young Man Young Woman Bev Pete Mary Tow Truck Driver Radio DJ Wife in Photograph cast

Director - Krista Gano

Cinematographer - Aaron Kopp

Writer - Laura Carson

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